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Civic Engagement & Planning: Advanced Sustainability in Willowbrook

We have arrived at a launching point. The Willowbrook community is ready to seize our potential for a stronger, brighter future – together, with you. Willowbrook has seen multiple investments close to $1 billion in infrastructure and development projects. With new seeds of development planted by these recent investments, our shared home in Willowbrook has the opportunity to bloom and grow.

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That’s why we are launching the Willowbrook Inclusion Network, a non-profit, for-purpose social enterprise dedicated to community planning, civic engagement, economic growth, and workforce development. If each of us joins in to nurture the seedlings of our communal assets, Willowbrook will transform into a hub of stability, development, and engagement. Now is our chance to make an impact; to become healthy and whole; to embrace and celebrate diversity; to give our youth roots and wings.

"The future of Willowbrook shines bright ahead. Now, you can be a part of making it happen."

We see your potential. We see you as a change-maker, a steward of our shared legacy. The Willowbrook Inclusion Network invites you to join hands with your neighbors, raise your voice, and unite with our movement for a stronger, healthier, and thriving Willowbrook.

Will you join our cause as a volunteer/member? / Will you join us at an upcoming event? Will you sign-up for our e-mail list?

By joining the Willowbrook Inclusion Network, you will directly shape the future of Willowbrook families, neighborhoods, and businesses. Through inclusive youth programs, impactful economic partnerships, and transformative community planning, our organization works to unify diverse stakeholders toward a shared vision of sustainability.

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With your support, the Willowbrook Inclusion Network will...

• Ensure Economic Growth. Through public and private partnership, we will collaborate to improve Willowbrook business corridor, attract investment, and grow local industries that create jobs for young people.

• Develop Our Workforce. Focused on incubating and supporting entrepreneurs, we will steamline local resources to train Willowbrook residents in employment and job search skills.

• Create A Communal Vision For Our Future. Celebrating diverse voices across Willowbrook, we will foster dialogue, collective planning and education in community-building programs.

• Engage Our Youth. We will serve as a catalyst for sustainable growth through youth programs that develop life skills, including teamwork, career planning and leadership.

We’re working to ensure that all members of our community get a seat at the table for planning and implementing local development projects and activities.

Add your voice to our shared vision. Join us to secure a dynamic and sustainable future for the Willowbrook community.


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