How we W.I.N.? – The Spark

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How we W.I.N.? – The Spark

Community Planning & Civic Engagement
Develop a “Community Vision” of the future that Willowbrook residents desire for themselves, and an action plan for how to realize the vision.

Host the “Willowbrook InForumation Series” or “Willowbrook Communiversity Pop Up’s” as a center of community planning to share personal experiences and best practices for problem solving regarding the use of public space, environmental issues, planning for educational, cultural, and entertainment events, etc. Provide Leadership Development Training to generate community leaders in facilitation processes; engagement of community resources to provide education on community issues in collaboration with local print, audio, video media and establish regular communication between WIN and other community groups and individuals in order to provide a free flow of multi-channel communication.

Workforce & Economic Development
Help transform the Willowbrook neighborhood into a vibrant collection of small businesses and civic spaces. The WIN team has a strong 5 - year Strategic Plan and working with entrepreneurial residents to brand and realize a cluster of micro-enterprises and community-oriented spaces that are creative design-driven urbanism housed in small, open additions to community infrastructure and single-family homes.

These projects have both small-scale economic opportunities for residents and is an unprecedented urban-scale public project.

Arts Education & Cultural Policy
Arts Education & Cultural Policy = The Creative Economy African & Latino Authentic Food / Performing & Graphic Arts / Fashion / Film / Printing & Publishing / Music & Media / Architecture & Design.

Commercial Community Kitchen
Establish a business incubator that will provide support for entrepreneurs as they refine business models and develop marketable products.

BMOC: Commitment to Boys & Men of Color
Collaborating to set a plan for advancing opportunities for young men and boys of color in Willowbrook, Watts, Compton and Los Angeles County.

Campaign for Black Male Achievement
Program launch in partnership with Dr. Linda CACE, Watts-Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club, and The National Alliance of African American Athletes.

Willowbrook Community Investments – Metro/MLK Jr. Community Hospital/Affordable Housing/Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park
Public and private investments of up to $1 billion are being made around the station, including $650 million to expand and remodel the medical complex two blocks away. The proposed $65-million Rosa Parks project would represent the largest investment the agency has made to upgrade a transit terminal. The most expensive so far has been the $60-million reconstruction of the El Monte bus station, completed in 2012. One feature of the station redesign is a wide canopied transit mall that would extend into the Kenneth Hahn Plaza Shopping Center next door. It also would provide a clearly marked pedestrian corridor between the station and Wilmington Avenue. The station's east bus depot also would be improved while the west bus depot would be reconfigured and moved out from under the highway. New landscaping, bikeways, improved signage, pedestrian crossings and parking, as well as a sheriff's substation would be included. On adjacent property, planners envision additional medical buildings and a new county library that will be part of a mixed-use development with more than 100 units of affordable housing for senior citizens. If all goes well, officials say, the redevelopment effort should be finished by 2018.

Bike Co-op -
Bicycle Donation and Distribution

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A constructive way to recover, repair and refurbish abandoned damaged bicycles and redistribute them through the educational programs and rides. In an effort to improve public health, Los Angeles-area bicycle organizations have joined forces to increase physical activity through bicycle use.

[ACTIVATE] Arts Advocacy Leadership Program –
Willowbrook Public Art & Culture Master Plan

The ACTIVATE Arts Advocacy Leadership Program is an advocacy training and leadership development program of Arts for LA. has two tracks: Arts Education and Cultural Policy. Both tracks focus on leadership, policy, planning, coaching, implementation, and mobilization of advocacy initiatives in local communities. During this nine-month program, participants learn from the top leaders in social justice, education, cultural infrastructure, advocacy, communication, and policy. Also, recognizing the importance of local leaders and seeks to empower these individuals with the skills, knowledge, and an expanded network to effect change in communities across Greater Los Angeles.

Reginald Johnson (WIN) Executive Director was selected to join the 2016-17 Cultural Policy Fellowship track to increase the development of the “Creative Economy” through Arts Education supported by Cultural Policy in Willowbrook and Los Angeles County. ACTIVATE is funded by The Boeing Company, LA County Arts Commission, the Louis J. Borick Foundation, and Arts for LA Contributing Members.

Art News & Events

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(WIN) has been nominated to be an Arts Delegate for Arts Day 2017 and will take place on April 7, 2017 at LA City Hall. We look forward to having great dialog representing you and our community with other local leaders to advance arts education, cultural programming, and civic engagement in Los Angeles.

As an Arts Delegate, WIN will join other advocates in meeting with current LA City Council members to discuss arts and cultural priorities that directly affect your community. Learn more


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